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Swanky Bevs on Brand

A monthly cocktail night makes for Damon's.



    Swanky Bevs on Brand
    Cocktails in Historic Places heads for Damon's on Friday, Aug. 13.

    Damon's Steak House in Glendale is one of those special SoCal places we can put "beloved" in front of and feel confident that everyone feels the same way, right?

    Because it is a beloved bar and restaurant. Let's start with one of its famous sips, the Chi Chi. Hands down, there exists no other drink that is as fun to order. Or drink. It's the islands in your glass, save the palm trees and sand.

    Cocktails in Historic Places, the monthly, spot-changing night out hosted by the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles, is also mad for the Chi Chi, and the Mai Tai, and the other famous beverages of this Brand Boulevard bastion of Tiki and Tenderloins. And they'll be raising a collective Chi Chi on Friday, Aug. 13 when they meet at Damon's for a drink or two.

    Should you dress up? Definitely. At least a lei, or blossom behind an ear.