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Talking Points: Dec. 12



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
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    These people all seem to be heading to work or school. Do they realize there are bars to visit as well? A Facebook-matched group is doing just that, on Friday, December 12.

    We love it when the bush is not beaten around. Exhibit A? "LA has a subway? Let's get drunk!" is a subtly titled, coyly worded invite recently posted on Facebook. We're guessing, from the gist of it, that there will be subway riding and sipping of boozy bevs. If you like public transportation, and public drinking, the party train leaves from Traxx at Union Station tonight.

    Rain's coming. For days. Plus brrrr-y temps. Might as well dine next to something roaring.

    Gourmet pizza in South Pas? Order yours with extra anchovies on Mission Street, at Lil' Parlor Pizzeria from Steve Arroyo of Church & State. (We're wild about a spot that uses "Lil'" in the title.) And downtown, The Must has begun pouring Port floats (the perfect melding of spirits and sugar) on 5th Street. We think we'll try a little ice skating at Pershing Square, and then go for one of those babies. *Not* the other way around.

    Conversation starter of the week #1: Will there be an actor's strike? (Everyone has an opinion, sometimes two or three.) Conversation starter of the week #2: How can we save Bob Baker's theater? Ever since the recent New York Times piece on the troubled marionette theater ("troubled" and "marionette" don't often appear in the same line, thank goodness), Mr. Baker, a beloved local icon, has been in the spotlight and on Angelenos' minds. Now there's a way to help to keep those glittery disco dudes hustling on their strings.