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This Weekend Just Got Wheezier

Dozens of Bulldogs, Frenchies and Pugs, on parade.



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    Justin Rudd
    The 2010 Bulldog Beauty Contest happens on Sunday, February 28th.

    Justin Rudd. In a megalopolis like ours, it is rare to keep coming across a particular name again and again.

    But then, Mr. Rudd is a rare fellow. He is famous for his dog-loving events -- think the Haute Dog Easter Parade -- and for all of the community projects that raise money and do good for Long Beach organizations and beyond.

    And. AND he is full-on batty for the Bulldog, so much so he throws a Bulldog Beauty Contest every year. Heard of it? We know why -- it is billed as "the world's largest bulldog celebration." 

    The 2010 snarfle-fest is happening on Sunday, February 28th at 10AM at the Long Beach Marketplace; Bulldogs, Pugs, French Bulldogs, and senior pooches are all invited to participate.

    Don't stress if you haven't registered; walk-ups are welcome.

    The organizers are expecting over 400 dogs, many in costume (note that fancy outfits are allowed but not recommended). There will be prizes, like a year's supply of treats and food. There will be news cameras. There will be "beauty queen judges" watching the four-footed strutting.

    There will be glory. And likely plenty of loud napping by day's end. A fine Sunday indeed.