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Tonight: Why Hello There, 2011

Where will you start your 10-9-8-ing?



    Tonight: Why Hello There, 2011
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    Find New Year's Eve go-outs around LA.

    NEW YEAR'S EVE: December 31. Deceeember 31. Something is going on today. Something resolution-y, that has the fragrance of Champagne, and looks to better days ahead. Enjoy some or all of those things at a downtown pub crawl, not one but two Kristin Chenoweth shows at Walt Disney Concert Hall, or the dozens upon dozens of Los Angeles spots that will be popping the confetti and throwing the corks. Wait. Reverse that. We're overcome with NYE excitement, clearly. Happy New Year!

    PARADE PREP: We go directly to the Tournament of Roses site for this interesting statement: "Curbside camping on the parade route is allowed beginning at noon the day before the parade." If your New Year's Eve is all about the sweetest, float-friendliest curb spot, then we bet you're packing up for Colorado right now. Nothing like seeing those flowers from just several feet away.

    FAMOUS FUNICULAR: You'll be New-Year's-Eve-ing tonight, in whatever way you do, but before then, shake your change jar and dig out a couple of pennies and get downtown during the day. Why? Because today is Angels Flight's 109th birthday, and rides are priced what they were 109 years ago. So. One cent for one way. You'll likely spend a bit more on your partying tonight.