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Tour da Arts

It's a cultural spin around Santa Monica, with a big dose of whimsy.



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    Tour da Arts
    Tour da Arts cycles through Santa Monica on Sunday, Aug. 21.

    When events start "tour of" or "tour de," one imagines that there will be a start point, an end point, and a lot of fast pedaling between the two.

    But Cause for Creativity: Tour da Arts vol. 3 is different. There are start and end points, yes, but there are a few of them. And there is some pedaling, indeed, but it is of the slower, Sunday-afternoonier sort. And there's stopping, a lot of stopping, to look at stuff and enjoy stuff, so the whole getting-between-points thing is definitely not a part of the day.

    And that day is Sunday, Aug. 21. Santa Monica Museum of Art is the hub, but cyclists will toddle around the area. It's "a guided cultural tour of Santa Monica," in fact, so while the museum will be a big part of the day, participants can expect to be out and about.

    What do we mean by "out and about"? There'll be a dance performance at the Broad Stage. Jazz'll be the vibe on the City Hall lawn. And arty haps aplenty'll be going down around SMMOA.

    It's free to participate. You'll need to register, and that starts up at 12:30 p.m. at the museum. But pre-registration is "strongly recommended"; find out more at the SMMOA site.

    Image: Cause for Creativity: Tour da Arts, vol. 2 (2010), Santa Monica Museum of Art, Photo by Edizen Stowell