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Weekend: Air at Walt Disney Concert Hall

Ethereal sounds in an ethereal space.



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    Air makes beautiful pop on Sunday, March 28 at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

    Air: We're picturing, with our ears, all that taffy-hued mod-pop bouncing with joy and cool around Walt Disney Concert Hall. We're picturing it on Sunday, March 28. And we're picturing ourselves wearing the coolest thing we own to the show, by which mean our least cool thing. You understand.

    A Night with Ira Glass: The night before Air, we'll have to find our second least cool thing, meaning something very cool, and head for Royce Hall to hear everyone's favorite bespectacled radio friend talk about stories that move. "This American Life" lovers, get or have your tickets ready on Saturday, March 27.

    Sake Festival: A line-'em-up night devoted to a single libation is always an excellent starting point for the sipping student. This March 27 affair at the Hollywood Renaissance will feature 100+ labels/types of the rice-and-beyond wine. Price is $50, time is 8 p.m.

    Lynda Carter in Concert: She's Wonder Woman, but she's also an accomplished singer, who, lucky for us, swings by the Catalina Jazz Club from time to time. If you're both a superhero and a standards fan, get there from Thursday, March 25 through Saturday, March 27.

    All-Star Derby Battle: "Whip It" got us all revved up to watch some live derby. So have spots for "The Runaways," although it appears to be entirely derby-free. No matter. Tough girls! The Saturday night bout at the Doll Factory is between Team Legit, the West Coast All-Stars, and The LA Ri-ettes, the LA Derby Dolls All-Stars. March 27