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What You're Doing Today and Tonight: April 4th



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
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    World Pillow Fight Day swings something soft and feathery at Pershing Square, on April 4

    WORLD PILLOW FIGHT DAY: Just when you think there's a global day of celebration for absolutely everything, one more thing comes along and squeezes in. No longer are pillow fights the province of slumber parties and dorm rooms and bedrooms; the giggly, grab-something-soft-and-cushiony-and-run-after-your-pal tradition is headed for the streets. The Los Angeles lark is happening at Pershing Square downtown at 3PM on Saturday, April 4 (note the afternoon start time; we're not saying all the pillow-swingery couldn't last well into the evening, but our guess is it will be brief and merry). Pillow-loving participants are encouraged to show with their own squishy rectangle, and the organizers suggest feathers (we're guessing this makes quite a visual). We think standing off to the side, with a camera, could be equally as memorable... Olive Street and Fifth Street, Los Angeles.

    ALSO ON SATURDAY, APRIL 4: The huge Anatolian Cultures & Food Festival dances, entertains, and dishes up delicious shish kebabs and pilafs in the OC; and the Rescue Me Comedy Tour with Denis Leary gets lively at Nokia Theatre.