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What You're Doing Tonight: April 20th



    What You're Doing Tonight: April 20th
    Seth Jacobson
    The Squirrel Nut Zippers shake a tail feather at the El Rey on Monday, April 20

    SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERS: Besides having one of the most memorable, candy-riffic names in all of musicdom, the Squirrel Nut Zippers get our props for continuing to churn out truly za-zazzy tunes that boast both old-timey flair and dance-ability. And is that a pennywhistle we hear? A zither?  Probably. SNZ has been our own personal, aural wayback machine for the better part of a decade now, and we depend on them to put new twists on swinging, cinematic, "Minnie the Moocher"-esque sounds. This is a big, brassy band that just throws around oodles of style. Did we mention the sassy, sugary-as-warm-syrup storytelling, too? We didn't? Monday, April 20th, 9PM. El Rey Theatre, 5515 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles

    ALSO ON MONDAY, APRIL 20TH: The Britney Spears Circus Tour is trapeze-ing/cracking the whip/three-ring-ing it at the Honda Center in Anaheim; glammed-out Cinema Bizarre is at the Knitting Factory; and Donal Logue hosts the oh-so-amusing Armando Show at IO West.