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What You're Doing Tonight: Jan. 27



    Top 5 Short Distance Road Trips from Los Angeles
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    Always feel like you're always in the car? Park and grab a seat at the Hammer for a chat about solutions, on Tuesday, January 27.

    TIRED OF WAITING, WAITING, WAITING IN TRAFFIC? Chances are you've been on a road today, or will be, if you live here. And if so, you know intimately the daunting challenges facing those who want all of us to get around faster, easier, safer. Hear an important discussion on easing our freeway woes (and maybe come away with a bit of hope), at the Hammer. Tuesday, January 27, 7PM. The Hammer Museum, 10899 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles. 310-443-7000

    YOU KNOW HOW TO WHISTLE, DON'T YOU? Can you finish the line? Of course you can. You're a cinemaniac and you call LA home and you live for Bogey and Bacall flicks. "To Have and Have Not" is at the New Beverly (rest of line, spoken by the gorgeous Ms. Bacall: "You just put your lips together and blow"), along with "North by Northwest" with Cary Grant. Just don't let any crop dusters chase you on the way to the theater... Tuesday, January 27. 7165 W. Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles. 323-938-4038

    TAKE A TRIP TO PARIS -- WELL, BENEATH PARIS: "Phantom of the Opera" is nearly done with its first week of a one-month run at Pantages. You've only seen the films, you say? We kind of loved the recent film -- hello, that cemetery set was ethereal and gorgeous -- but you have to see it on stage, too. Oh, we love the old film, too. Mon dieu, we just think Phantom is phantastic. Through February 21. 6233 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood. 323-468-1770