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World's Largest Flowering Plant STILL Growing

Just. No words. Because that thing is huge.



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    Alysia Gray Painter
    The famous wistaria vine of Sierra Madre.

    What have you been up to the last year?

    Wait. Scratch that. What have you been up to the last 116 years? It's hard, really, to name where you've been and what you've been doing, every moment.

    But the famous wistaria vine of Sierra Madre has its history locked. It's been in one spot, growing, with gusto, for well over a century. Now, today, it is called the World's Largest Flowering Plant by none other than Guinness Book of World Records.

    It is bigger than anything you've ever grown, we'll go out on a limb. (Plant joke, limb.) And come Sunday, March 14,  you can walk right up to it, which is a rare treat, seeing as how it spreads out over a private backyard in Sierra Madre.

    Make that two backyards. See? Big. The Wistaria Festival is not merely about admiring this gargantuan vine, however; there's also an art fair, music, street food, and other pleasurable small-town to-dos. The main fest goes on around the heart of Sierra Madre.

    Two things. Your camera, of course, is important. And the second thing is that you'll want to look into a shuttle ticket; buses cart lookie-loos up the rather impressive hill to the wistaria vine's house.

    And, you'll want to note, Sierra Madre spells it "wistaria," not the more common "wisteria." We must stand out and be bold in all things here in Southern California, even in our naming of plants. Bravo.