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Worth the Drive: 24 More Santa Barbara

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    Worth the Drive: 24 More Santa Barbara
    J. Sinclair
    Picture yourself, on Butterfly Beach, in Santa Barbara, saving money.

    Your job: Decide to get out of town and fast. Our job: Help you find where you're headed. This week, NBCLA's Worth the Drive takes us to...

    24 More, Compliments of Santa Barbara: You know that moment. It happens on the Sunday of a weekend getaway, oh, around 11:15AM. You're juuuust starting to unwind when you have to pack up and leave. If only -- if if if -- you'd planned a third night. 24 More, Compliments of Santa Barbara seeks to eradicate that whole 11:15AM-shoulda-stayed-longer-moment.

    A third night gratis: Is what the whole "24 More" deal is all about. Book and pay for two nights at a whole bevy of hotels and inns and nab a third night for free.

    Location: Our lovely American Riviera and the equally lovely surrounding wine country area. 

    Participating hotels: The list is healthy. Fess Parker is on there, as is the Bath Street Inn, and the Four Seasons Resort Biltmore Santa Barbara. Plus, oh, we'll guesstimate and say about two dozen more inns doting the area.

    Time: The deal was going to end on March 31, 2010 -- in fact, the official site still lists that date -- but we've got word that it has just been extended, through the end of May. Springtime in Santa Barbara, the famous orchid show in mid-March, Taste of Solvang, Earth Day, so many petal- and plate-based plans to make. And you, swearing off the 11:15AM blues, at least for one happy trip.