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Your Name in Lights x 100,000+

Artist John Baldessari will be putting many on a marquee.



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    California artist John Baldessari is putting over a 100,000 people's names in lights, in Sydney.

    It makes hand-in-glove sense that California artist John Baldessari is turning to a bulby marquee for his next large-scale project.

    Hand-in-glove sense? Maybe sunny-beauty-kissing-a-palm-tree sense is more apt for this particular visionary.

    The artist, who just had a major retrospective at the Los Angeles California Museum of Art last summer, will be putting people's names in lights. A lot of people. There are two numbers of note with this particular event. The first number is 15 seconds, which is the length of time a single person's moniker will be up on the marquee. The second number is 100,000-plus, as in the number of people Mr. Baldessari will make briefly famous during his Your Name in Lights project.

    Surely when you read the "15 seconds" you thought, well, many, many participants will be involved. And you'd have been correct.

    This is all going down not here in town but at the Australian Museum in Sydney (kudos to the Tate for the tip). Once Your Name in Lights wraps there, we think Mr. Baldessari should bring that concept back to Los Angeles, perhaps LACMA, since our own city knows a thing or two about the longings of celebrity and the allure of looking up and seeing your own handle look back down. (Tinseltown is mentioned as one inspiration; no surprise there, of course.)

    Not to get all "Hollywoodesque art has to happen in Hollywood," of course. Sharing our iconic home with the planet is a pleasure and a privilege, we feel, most hours of most days.

    Your Name in Lights runs from Jan. 8-30 at the Australian Museum.