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Maria Sharapova and the Blinking Phone Dress



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    Maria Sharapova strikes a pose with the blinking phone dress in the window of Liberty store in London.

    You know how it is when you're out at a club, slamming around in the mosh pit and you miss your boyfriend's phone call? Well, those days are over, clubby girl! Just slip on this cute new party dress and you'll never miss another call. You see, the dress is adorned with translucent white scales that cascade down one side and blink and light up when someone is ringing you!

    The dress was designed by London College of Fashion student Georgie Davies (an excellent brand name, no?) as part of a design competition sponsored by Sony Ericsson. Said the 20-year-old techno-seamstress, "When you're in a pub or a bar, you can never, ever hear your phone." So true, Georgie. So true.

    Of course, wireless technology is never as simple as it seems, and the frock does need to be hooked up automagically to your Bluetooth wireless, ear-phone thingie, but whatevs. It's totally cute, right?

    Anyway, tennis superbrand Maria Sharapova was on hand to present the dress to a throng of photographers at London luxury department store Liberty on Wednesday. And what, you may ask, is the connection between  the lanky Russian and the blink-y dress? Well, Sony Ericsson is also a sponsor of the ladies tennis tour, so, you know... synergy!

    But corporate schilling aside, you know Maria is already planning to get one of these babies out on the courts. Imagine! She wouldn't miss any calls and it would drive her opponents absolutely nuts. Two birds -- one stone.