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Bring on the Bubbly



    Bring on the Bubbly
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    What's the secret to having the best champagne money can buy without actually buying? Try a tasting. You'll spend a few bucks, but what you'll sip will be worth ten times the tasting fee.

    You were first in line for the seasonal Beaujolais Nouveau release. You drank your weight in Pinot Noir on Thanksgiving. Now that the major fall holidays are over, it's time to move on to the next celebratory libation. That magical time between Black Friday and New Year's Eve is reserved for Champagne.

    K&L Wine Merchants in Hollywood kicks off the season with a Best-of-Champagne tasting on Saturday, Dec. 13th from 2-5PM (Hey, Mariah Carey digs the afternoon drink, so don't be ashamed). The $50 tasting fee may seem steep, but it's a pretty sweet deal for all the bubbly you get to taste. When most of the yummiest bottles cost $40+ each, it's a sneaky way to taste the ultra-pricey stuff most of us wouldn't otherwise be able to afford.

    Plus, these guys know their stuff. There's a lot more out there than Dom and Veuve (not that we wouldn't sip those two any day). They'll tell you everything from which bottle will impress your boss, to what's acceptable (read: cheap but still delish) to serve after everyone's half in the bag.