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French Toast for Bastille Day (Bonus: Discount)



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    Alysia Gray Painter
    Canter's marks Bastille Day -- July 14th -- with 14 percent off French toast, French dips, and French fries

    Count on Canter's Delicatessen to fete an occasion with yummy foods and deals that tie-in to the day. We're thinking of the famous restaurant's birthday bash last fall, where corned beef sandwiches were sold at 60 cents (it was Canter's 60th birthday, of course).

    Moment needed to think about those Canter's pickles. Are those little balls of nutmeg-y goodness on the plate? We think so.

    So we're back, we're all about Bastille Day -- July 14th, naturellement -- and Canter's is, too. The French holiday is being observed at the Fairfax Ave restaurant via three foods -- French toast, French fries, and French dips -- that are all 14-percent off for the 14th. Pretty ooh-la-la-ish.

    Syrupy French toast for dinner sounds about right, but we'd like to know of those special, hearty souls who are going to go for le gusto and take on all three foods at once. We do doff our hat to such culinary outlandishness.