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Savory Scarfing Before the Big Show



    Savory Scarfing Before the Big Show
    Prime rib on the run? No problem. Lawry's Carvery goes the faster route, at L.A. Live.

    Lawry's Carvery debuts at L.A. Live on December 19th, with the goal of filling up party people and doing it fast. But not so fast that the whole "carved" part leaves the equation. After all, Lawry's and hand-carving go, well, hand-in-hand; whether you head for the classic Lawry's The Prime Rib on La Cienega or the Tam O'Shanter in Los Feliz, a chef, some long knives and a hunk of juicy protein are a staple.

    Sandwich fillings include beef brisket, prime rib, and turkey; we're dreaming of the lemon aioli/asparagus side (we firmly believe more lemon aioli is the creamy answer to most problems). We're also tempted by one of the menu's centerpieces, the Carver Salad, which is tossed with egg, prime rib and horseradish, among other lip-smack-y ingredients.

    Concert goers -- especially on got-out-of-work-super-late weeknights -- should especially take heart (or stomach?) at the new Lawry's. Billed as the only "quick-casual" eatery at the new entertainment complex, the Lawry's Carvery, we're sure, we'll be serving many hurried-but-hungry people who want to dine but can't miss curtain time.

    Lawry's Carvery (opens Friday, December 19)
    1011 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles