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Gay Men's Chorus Holiday Spectacular!

Join the song-filled "brass and sass" celebration in Glendale.

There are as many ways to approach the interpretation of a classic Christmas carol as there are carols in the seasonal songbook.

And while many a holiday tune falls on the quieter, more reverent side, there is a joyous, big-of-spirit, zazzy element to many other ditties, what with all of that delightful dashing through snow and bell jingling and such.

The Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles 100% gets this glee-tastic, glitter-and-grins approach to embracing our end-of-the-year caroling, as do their devoted fans who return each and every year to experience a one-of-a-kind, kind-of-heart, heart-happy approach to the yuletide.

We do doff our cap here to the group's annual Holiday Spectacular!, complete with an all-important, oh-so-earned exclamation point and the catchy subtitle of "Brassy, Classy & Sassy." It throws its arms open wide, with celebratory, tuxedo-clad cheek, on Saturday, Dec. 19 and Sunday, Dec. 20 at The Alex Theatre in Glendale.

Devotees of the GMCLA know that the yearly confection includes both moments of pomp and solemness, with rows of formally attired gentlemen raising their voices in a unified chorus, and some zingier set pieces which include costumes of a sparkly nature, re-interpretations of ye olde tales, or some other yummy visual/song-sweet bon bon that typically has the audience in stitches.

With an occasion as awesomely capacious and many-hued as Christmas, there is room for both the courtly festivity and an all-out party vibe as well.

The Gay Men's Chorus excels at both, with style and aplomb, and the combo makes for a memorable evening, or afternoon. But will attending keep you "off Santa's naughty list," as the GMCLA site suggests it might? Best go, just to make sure that Mr. Kringle knows you're nice.

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