Henson Alternative is Pushing Puppet Boundaries With New Shows

Henson Alternative is edgy puppets for adults only.

What to Know

  • Puppet Up is an improvised show on the Henson Studios Lot
  • Puppet Up features 80 puppets from the Henson collection
  • Henson Alternative produces "The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell" on Netflix

These aren't your papa's puppets. The puppets and stories in new Henson Alternative projects are aimed at a more adult audience who want to see edgier, funnier felt on-screen and in person.

During a live interview on the NBC LA Facebook page, Brian Henson tells NBC4 with Henson Alternative they are pushing the boundaries of what people are used to when it comes to the Henson brand.

"Initially we weren't thinking adult, it just turned out to be really, really funny to allow the content to be mature and allow it to be blue."

Henson Alternative produces a show just released on Netflix called "The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell." It's a gothic, quirky look at baking and DIY with the star Christine McConnell and her ragtag housemates, who also happen to be murderous puppets. The show has already had a ton of critical and fan praise for its unique take on homemaking.

And for people who want to see puppets behaving badly in real life, Henson says they can attend Puppet Up on the Henson lot. It's an improvised puppet show that takes place a few times a year and is your only chance to be on the normally closed Henson Studios Lot.

Puppet Up features 80 original puppets brought to life by comedian puppeteers and is never the same show twice. Henson says the next shows are Nov. 3 and 4 and there are tickets still available.

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