Hunka Hunka Down for Elvis Ice Cream (on His Birthday)

Peanut butter is in the Salt & Straw concoction, yes, as well as some other Kingly goodies.

What to Know

  • Happy Birthday Elvis!
  • Available throughout January 2018
  • Salt & Straw locations around SoCal, including Venice, Larchmont, Arts District, WeHo, Studio City

Pour yourself and your guests some bubbly and the conversation might suddenly turn to New Year's Eve, as that's an occasion much-associated with the libation.

Carve a watermelon and people nearby might start talking about summer celebrations, like the Fourth of July, even if it isn't summer at the time.

And what happens when you slather some peanut butter, then a banana, on a couple of slices of bread, then toss the whole sandwich-y shebang into a pan? Someone within eyeshot is probably going to mention one person, and one person alone: Elvis Presley.

For the legendary performer, who was known worldwide for a host of #1 singles, huge films, and splashy stage shows, was also well-known for a delicious and gooey foodstuff he very much liked.

It's an edible that often returns to fans' kitchens in January, which is Elvis Presley's birth month (yes, he was born on Jan. 8, 1935), and to several restaurants, too.

One such place is Salt & Straw, the artisanal ice cream company. And to honor the legacy of Mr. P, and his celebratory sandwich, the started-in-Portland, now-in-LA shop will be selling Happy Birthday Elvis! all January long, and on the first of February, too.

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Indeed, the ice cream flavor takes its inspiration from both peanut butter and banana, but there are several modern spins on this scoop.

Think "banana coconut ice cream with swirls of marionberry jam and peanut butter fudge and bits of candied coconut (that taste just like bacon)," and think about you enjoying those flavors and you stroll and hum a hit like "Suspicious Minds" or "Viva Las Vegas."

It's an all-vegan month, too, at Salt & Straw, so if the peanut-butter-ish banana flavor doesn't have you singing, but you still want to go the vegan fancy yummy ice cream route, consider trying the Mint Chip Whoopie Pie or Candied Mango Faux-Yo.

They're all vegan, the special January flavors, and all packed with zazzy flavor, with more choices even beyond the few we've shouted-out.

By the by, Elvis aficionados, keep in mind that the Honeymoon Hideaway in Palm Springs will be spotlighting the King's birthday on Saturday, Jan. 20 with music and tours.

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