Meet Chassis, the Truck-Stuck Sea Lion Pup

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Huntington Beach State Lifeguards
Chassis, a malnourished sea lion pup, was seen shimmying up under a Huntington Beach lifeguard truck over the first weekend of March 2022. (photo: Huntington Beach State Lifeguards)
Lifeguards, famously tasked with helping humans, quickly went to work, blocking the area off to entering cars as they awaited volunteers from the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. (photo: Huntington Beach State Lifeguards)
Chassis awaiting his imminent rescue. (photo: Pacific Marine Mammal Center)
Huntington Beach State Lifeguards
The sea lion would soon join other recovering pinnipeds at the center, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. The Laguna Beach rehabilitation facility is open to the public, and docents are on hand to discuss the patients and their recovery journeys. (photo: Huntington Beach State Lifeguards)
The trip to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, just a short drive from where Chassis was discovered, begins. (photo: Pacific Marine Mammal Center)
The pup is now recovering in the center's ICU alongside his new friend Reika. For more updates on the truck-stuck sea lion, follow the Pacific Marine Mammal Center's social feeds. (photo: Pacific Marine Mammal Center)
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