Meet LA Zoo's Beautiful Baby Bongo

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Jamie Pham
"The yet unnamed female Eastern bongo calf was born May 2 to mother Frenchy and father Moyo," revealed the zoo. This photo is the most recent of the baby's photos, but the images below appear in chronological order, from her youngest age to the photo above).
Jamie Pham
"She spent a week with mom and then was introduced to the herd on May 13. All went well."
Jamie Pham
The baby's father Moyo " ...was the first Easter bongo calf born at the L.A. Zoo in more than 20 years. He was born on January 20, 2017."
Jamie Pham
"The LA Zoo had always exhibited the Eastern bongo. But, prior to Moyo’s birth, we prioritized breeding the Eastern bongo due to rapidly dwindling numbers in the wild."
Jamie Pham
"Due to threats such as habitat destruction and poaching in its native range in Africa, there are currently fewer than 100 Eastern bongo individuals that survive in four fragmented areas in the Aberdares Forest and on Mt. Kenya," shared the LA Zoo team.
Jamie Pham
The LA Zoo and Botanical Gardens is currently closed due to the coronavirus response.
Jamie Pham
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