Movie Lovers, It's Time for MaltinFest

Spend three days at The Egyptian in Hollywood soaking up superb cinema and hobnobbing with other cinephiles.

What to Know

  • The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood
  • May 10-12, 2019
  • $25 screenings, but day and weekend-long badges are available

That air of letdown on a Sunday evening? The feeling that the fun is done when a vacation concludes?

Both sensations are not dissimilar to what a cinephile experiences when the TCM Film Fest, an Apriltime extravaganza, comes to a close.

For all of those great flicks, those starry chitchats, and the chance to be among film lovers have to come to an end, and the real, off-screen world awaits.

But there's something marvelously movie-ish on the near horizon, and it has "Maltin" in its name, which means that celluloidians of Southern California can expect the first family of film enthusiasm to be involved.

And, indeed, MaltinFest, which is on at The Egyptian Theatre from May 10 through 12, 2019, is all about loving movies, and hearing from filmmakers, and being among those fans eager to have a conversation about noir, the zany musicals of the 1970s, or modern-day dramas. Or some quirky combo of all three.

Leonard Maltin, his wife Alice, and his daughter Jessie are at the knowledgeable helm of the happening, which is billed as "a film festival dedicated to movie lovers." That means in-depth Q&As, "live podcast recordings" (the Maltins are famous for their film-deep chitchats), and a host of screenings covering several eras and forms.

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The charming "Sing Street" is on the schedule, and the vintage scarer "Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla," too.

Actor Catherine Keener and writer/director Nicole Holofcener will be in the house to talk about "Please Give," while actor Laura Dern and writer/director Alexander Payne will appear at a "Citizen Ruth" screening.

A screening ticket? You can go a la carte with your purchase, if you like — a movie is $25 — or choose a pass that covers a day or the whole weekend.

Information may be found at the MaltinFest HQ. 

Be gladdened, then, aficionados of film, for this isn't Sunday evening or the end of a vacation: A film festival is just ahead, one that celebrates both film fandom and film creation, with the ever-affable, oh-so-cinesmart Family Maltin in the proverbial projector booth.

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