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New Year's Eve Just Got Dinosaur-y Thanks to ‘Jurassic Quest'

The "walk among dinosaurs" spectacular will close out 2022 with a late-December engagement in DTLA.

Jurassic Quest

What to Know

  • Jurassic Quest, the life-sized dinosaur spectacular
  • Dec. 28-31, 2022 at Los Angeles Convention Center
  • $22 child standard admission; $22 standard adult admission; $36 child unlimited admission (includes "unlimited access" to dino rides, more)

When the final days of the year arrive, and we begin buying fresh calendars, and a variety of stylish planners, the topic of time can be at the forefront of our minds.

Usually, though, we're pondering the 365 days to come, and all of our January commitments, and when we'll finally begin writing the right year on various important documents (often around March or April, at least for many people).

But the topic of time may take a turn at the end of 2022, prompting us not to ponder the year to come but rather the epochs that occurred long, long, LONG ago.

For dinosaurs are going to hold colossal court in DTLA over the final four days of the year, giving families the chance to move among, and under, these prehistoric superstars.

That's right, we said "under": The behemoth beasts seen at "Jurassic Quest," the touring dino-tacular, are placed in ways that give us a chance to stand under some of their big, big necks and heads.

Other dinos, the kind we can't walk beneath, are so close that observing their scales, eyes, and details from up close is a delightful possibility.

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And we do mean "delightful," for this happening has proven to be a favorite among the younger dino devotees.

"Riding" an animatronic dinosaur, trying your hand at a fossil dig, jumping into a creature-fun craft project, and, oh yes, meeting baby dinosaurs are all possibilities.

The baby dinosaurs are a highlight for many visitors, which will not be a surprise, because, well... baby dinosaurs.

There's an unlimited ticket choice for kids, as well as a general admission option. Whatever route you choose, all of this way, way, wayback fun is happening at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Dec. 28, 29, 30, and, yes, the daytime hours of New Year's Eve.

One thing is for sure, when it comes to the topic of time: You'll want to secure your ticket long before December stomps into view.

For taking a super-fun and ultra-imaginative spin through the Cretaceous Period before 2023 officially arrives? That's a playful possibility, one that just might make the final hours of your year dino-mite.

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