Paws for Local Ways to Enjoy National Puppy Day

The in-person Fido festivities of springtime aren't happening, but there are still wonderful ways to connect to the world of woofers.

Stefan Cristian Cioata

What to Know

  • March 23 is National Puppy Day
  • Adoption appointments are open around town, including at Annenberg PetSpace, Pasadena Humane, and all six LA Animal Centers
  • You can foster pups via several organizations, including Best Friends

Canines? They're super-smart and on the ball, but they don't quite understand the concept of canceling an event.

Even if you explained your reasons, they never get why we might need to cross something off our calendar or phone a friend to reschedule.

What they do know, though, as well as they know their favorite toy or treat? Spending time with you is the Best Thing Ever, whether you're at a major, dog-packed celebration or a Fido-filled fundraiser.

Such events remain postponed as we begin spring 2021, due to the pandemic, but there are heart-deep ways to find puppy love around LA, often while you stay close to your own dog-loving digs.

The inspiration behind this dogly inspiration? March 23 is National Puppy Day, an occasion we're quite sure never gets canceled or crossed off your calendar.

And even if you don't have a big puppy party on the horizon, you can still seek out hound-focused fun of the Zoom-liest varieties.

Look to the Annenberg PetSpace, in Playa Vista, which has a number of animal-oriented online events, including Paws & Pages (coming up on March 24) and the PetSpace Live Puppet Show (woofing on March 25).

And at Pasadena Humane? The historic center's virtual offerings are worth raising a woof over. April will boast several intriguing sessions, including events created for kids and an Animal Adventure Workshop devoted to making pet-themed jewelry.

You can also make appointments to meet a new forever friend at both places, as well as with the LA Animal Services department, which recently reopened all six of its centers.

Best Friends, too, is a great place to meet a new pup. Fostering, too, is always a kind and helpful way to help an animal in need.

Happy National Puppy Day, to all puppies, former puppies, and puppy-obsessed people. We're not yet joining together, at big, park-based bashes, but finding ways to connect with our cute canines, from home, is still happily happening.

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