Peach goodies are back, for a limited time, at The Donut Man

Find your glistening, fruit-packed pastry at the original Glendora shop and Grand Central Market.

The Donut Man

What to Know

  • The Donut Man's peach doughnuts are a summertime favorite for many Southern Californians
  • Available at the SoCal bakery's original Glendora shop and Grand Central Market
  • $5.95 each at the Glendora shop

The signs of summer are in full and fragrant flower, with warm mornings, hot noons, hotter afternoons, and evenings that never fully seem to totally cool down.

You can, with confidence, say that the sun is having its day... in the sun.

So are other sunny symbols of the season, including a particularly fetching fruit that boasts the globular form and yellow-orange-pink brightness of our nearest star.

This is the thick of peach season, that bright bridge from July to August, and one of the peachiest places in Southern California just trumpeted the return of an obsessed-over treat: the peach doughnut.

It's a plump and pretty fruit-packed fantasia, one that has been synonymous with The Donut Man for many years.

But as fans of the Glendora shop know, and of the newer Grand Central Market location, peach doughnuts are only a summertime specialty, a luscious limited-time offering that returns, oh-so-briefly, during our sunniest days.

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That return just took place over the last weekend of July 2023, when the classic doughnuterie announced that peach doughnuts had returned to the sweet-lined shelves.

The cost? It's $5.95, which gets you a gooey, glistening, peach-centric sweet, the perfect accompaniment to a glass of cold milk or iced coffee.

As for strawberry doughnuts, The Donut Man's other famous fruit-centric confection? Those are temporarily unavailable but should be soon. Your best bet is to swing by the closest location in the coming weeks for a peachy snack, all while checking to see if strawberry has returned.

But take note: Even the bakery's world-famous strawberry doughnut isn't buyable throughout the calendar; there's typically a hiatus in the fall and early winter, so when you see them, enjoy them.

Much like a sunny day: They don't last forever, so bask in the beams while they're here.

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