Puppies Have Their Day at Guide Dogs of America

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Guide Dogs of America
A snoozing pack of petite pooches: These Guide Dogs of America pooches may be dreaming of all the new skills they'll ace in the months to come.
Guide Dogs of America serves "... not just people who are blind or visually impaired, but also veterans with PTSD and mobility limitations and children on the autism spectrum."
"We also place facility dogs, which are task-trained service dogs matched with professionals who serve a variety of vulnerable populations," shared Stephanie Colman, the Puppy Program Coordinator for the Sylmar facility.
Puppy raisers "are always needed," shares Ms. Colman. Interested in volunteering? This page has lots of good information.
Puppy-raising groups are located throughout Southern California, with puppy people based in Antelope Valley, Orange County, and points across the region. The Guide Dogs of America team asks that puppy raisers attend monthly meetings. Also? "Kindergarten classes" are important for the young canine in the puppy raiser's care.
Once the puppy-raising chapter concludes, future guide dogs will receive "formal" training at the Sylmar campus, while service dogs are trained at four California prisons, as part of the organization's rehabilitative prison training program.
Puppies will spend around 15 months with their puppy-raising people, before returning to campus to start their training journey, either in Sylmar or in a prison training program.
A celebration, honoring the puppy raisers, dogs, and everyone who is a part of this important, life-changing journey, regularly takes place on the Sylmar campus.
The most recent graduation ceremony took place on Saturday, March 19, with several trainers, volunteers, and dogs in the gratitude-filled spotlight. Would you like to do something special this National Puppy Day? Find out more about volunteering with the lauded organization now.
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