Santa Ana's Winter Village Will Be Open on Christmas Day

Spend the 25th of December enjoying an outdoor ice rink at this cheerful pop-up, but do check the forecast first.

Santa Ana Winter Village

What to Know

  • Through Jan. 2, 2022; 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. (including Christmas Day); the rink will be closed on Christmas Eve
  • $12 adult, $8 child ice skating ticket (plus fee)
  • Check the weather; the rink could close due to rain

Before the velvet sacks are loaded with all sorts of beribboned packages, and before the reindeer slip into their bell-bright harnesses, and just prior to the elves doing a brake light check on Santa's sleigh, the team at the North Pole consults the weather forecast.

For although Rudolph's celebrated shiny nose can definitely cut through some serious sleet, Santa needs to know what to expect before commencing his globe-circling, gift-distributing adventure.

We humans can take inspiration from Santa's weather-checking wisdom, especially if we plan to head out on Christmas Day. For recent rainstorms have caused a number of temporary closures, especially among those events and attractions that take place outside.

Including the charming Santa Ana Winter Village. The pop-up, which includes the city's first outdoor ice rink, was due to be open on Christmas Eve, but a wet forecast is prompting it to close on Dec. 24.

But wait: It will be open on Christmas Day, if the skies stay clear. So check the village's site before you leave home, to make sure a storm hasn't shuttered it, then prepare to take a few festive spins around the airy rink.

Tickets to the rink are timed and you can buy yours here, if you'd like to make sure you have a spot for ice-fun spinning.

But worry not, if you can't be at this cheerful attraction on Christmas Day.

It's open through Jan. 2, 2022, and there are special happenings ahead. The Anaheim Ducks DJ will call upon the village on Dec. 26, to keep those Christmassy vibes especially vivacious.

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