Santa Monica Soiree: Sunset Swim for Grown-Ups

The mercury is pressing upward, but the Annenberg Community Beach House is ready.

You don't need a crystal ball come the middle of August to know that temperatures will creep up, up, up at a rather remarkable clip. Not to mention that a crystal ball, left in the warm summer sun, might be hot to the touch.

The fiery fact is this: The third weekend of the eighth month of the year is typically toasty 'round Southern California, and the good people of the Annenberg Community Beach House probably knew that when filling in the summer schedule of fun 'n happening to-dos.

But, of course, the weather has been on the weird side -- all of that July desert rain -- and so that Friday, Aug. 14 really will be actually warm, as is tradition, feels rather like a stroke of luck.

Strokes of a different sort -- back and forward and butterfly -- will the name of the game at the Sunset Swim night, which the beach-close landmark hosts once each month during the summertime.

Oh yes: Sunset Swim is just for the grown-ups, and the planned activities has a definite 18-and-over vibe.

There shall be a ukulele lounge, and coconut bowling, too. And, true, s'mores are loved by all age groups, but there's something about not being a kid and devouring graham crackers and gooey chocolate mere steps from the Pacific. It's like the summer camp getaway you didn't this year, because A) all of your many grown-up obligations. (No B) required, of course.)

Cost? Ten bucks. Swimsuits? Yes. A glorious free stretch of time from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Aug. 14? Yes. Should you tell the happy hour gang it is time to switch it up, what with the sultrier weather? Yes. Will you be blue if you miss the grown-up Sunset Swims for another year? Oh, yeah, that's probably a "yes," too.

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There's another Sunset Swim to come -- on Friday, Sept. 11 -- but given that it is the middle of August, and given that middle-of-August temperatures are blasting back, this should be the time you go.

As for Instagramming for your pals elsewhere, in other states, we'll just predict this: They will be jealous of you swimming at sundown in a landmark pool by the beach in California. Good jealous, of course, which is what all dear friends should be, from time to time. (If they're not, you probably need to fold in more jealous-making fun times, as a rule.)

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