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Best Santas in the Southland

Is this the definitive list?



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    It's a free country, anybody can ask Santa for a favor. We don't recommend this method of bribery, though. Check our list of the best Santas in town.

    Since there's only supposed to be one actual Santa, making a "Best of Santa" list is a little ironic. What makes a best Santa? The jelliest belly, the jolliest "Ho-ho-ho," the hottest elves?

    Franklin Avenue's taken a stab at defining Top Santa, with a nifty little list of local Santa appearances that are actually worth packing the kids in the car. The list is very PC, all the Santa food groups are represented: Swanky in the 90210, sexy at the Beverly Center, multicultural in Baldwin Hills.

    No complaints here, more Santa for us. But for our money, there's not quite enough sexy. Don't forget about the "Frisky Fairies" at Holiday Walk of the Avenues. That one has us especially intrigued.