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Put Some Rhythm in Your Heart With the "Pacemaker"

Let your fingers do the party rocking



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    The Tonium Pacemaker 666. Now you just have to come up with a cool DJ name.

    The Tonium Pacemaker 666 is, in a word, dope.

    It has its drawbacks sure, but not many, and it's big on fun.
    What is it, you say?
    This stylish little black device is basically two turntables (no microphone) and a DAT machine crammed into an mp3 player the size of a (relatively large) cell phone.
    The first draw back is the price. The “TP 666” is the 60 gig, less-expensive update to the older 120 GB model, but at $499 it's still going to dent your wallet quite a bit to rock a party. But, arguably not as much as two Technics 1200s, a mixer and a sampler.
    The second drawback is that everyone and their mother is going to ask, “Oooh, does it scratch?”
    This is because it literally looks like two turntables (even though only one is a touchpad and the other is display screen) and the best way to describe it is the aforementioned “two turntables and a DAT machine.”
    The answer to the question is "yes and no." You can scratch, in a way, but it doesn’t really sound like scratching (very digitized).
    That being said, you can do everything else: create loops and samples on the fly, automatically or manually beatmatch two tracks, cross fade, bring down vocals, bring up basslines, echo, reverb, almost anything you can think of as long as you can get your fingers to cooperate. 
    Which shouldn’t be too hard: The interface seems dauntingly clunky at first, but just a few minutes out of the box and you’ll realize the genius of its touch-sensitive Swedish engineering.
    It links up with any PC or Mac so your entire mp3 collection becomes fodder for mixmastery.
    And best of all you can plug it into both headphones and any speaker/amplifier output at the same time so you can set up your loops and drops before making the crowd go wild -- this is a professional toy, not just something for you to tool around with at home.
    The Pacemaker was initially only available in America at Amazon.com, but is slowly being brought to finer DJ/Electronic stores across the country this summer. Check Tonium's page for availability.