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Save MOCA, Drink Up

Fundraiser bash is the city's hottest ticket.



    Save MOCA, Drink Up
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    MOCA brings some of the world's most outrageous, buzz-worthy, and controversial art to the city. Check it out at the ART LA opening party and help save the struggling museum.

    For culture fans, the fate of LA's beleaguered Museum of Contemporary Art dangles like Jack Bauer off a Fed building on '24.' Will financial angels swoop in to save the day? Will it be gobbled up by LACMA? Or will it just disappear, adding to LA's already over-exaggerated status as a culture-less den of superficiality?

    On Thursday, January 22nd, we all get the chance to save MOCA. ART LA, the city's annual art fair, opens this year with a reception to benefit the museum. Serious collectors will want the $150 preview tickets (6:30-8:30pm). A more affordable $50 gets you into the 8:30-10:30pm showing. Works from more than 60 galleries from California and throughout the world exhibit at the three-day affair in the massive Barker Hangar in Santa Monica. We say that's a darn affordable -- and entertaining -- way to do your part for MOCA. Click here for tickets.