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Warning: "L.A. Bizarro" Has Been Unleashed



    Warning: "L.A. Bizarro" Has Been Unleashed
    L.A. Bizarro
    The new "L.A. Bizarro" is out. Clothing optional.

    We've been waiting. Sitting on the curb outside Vroman's. Peeking in various library windows. Milling aimlessly around mall parking lots. And finally, it has arrived, or did, or has been dribbling in over much of September. Dribbling like a tasty LA sauce with extra LA-ness on top.

    It's "L.A. Bizarro" 2.0. It's a book, a travelogue, a celebration. We've spoken at length of our devotion to the original "Bizarro," the one that came out in 1997. How it is spilling over with offbeat and beautiful and disturbing Southern California treasures, and the fact that anyone who reads it must go seek out everything, the better to taste and embrace and skip around, singing.

    The new "L.A. Bizarro," like the first "LA Bizarro," was penned by Anthony Lovett and Matt Maranian. We won't call this new version shiner and bigger and better. Wait. Yes we will. It contains lots more stuff that is simultaneously barmy and beautiful. Maybe that's why it was the #1 book at Book Soup last week. The barmy/beautiful aspect of it all. Nobody doesn't like.

    Thank you, Mssrs. Lovett and Maranian for working your mischievious magic once again. We're 10 pages into a 367-page candy-colored thrill ride through our amazing city. We've got a killer ice-cream headache and a giant stuffed bear crammed into the seat next to us. Happiness.