These Are the Droids You're Looking for: ‘Star Wars' Props Go to Auction

We're feeling C-3POverjoyed about the movie artifacts going on the block, from wizard wands to disco wear, in Beverly Hills.

Julien's Auctions

What to Know

  • "Hollywood: Classic and Contemporary," a pop culture auction in Beverly Hills
  • Presented by Julien's Auctions and Turner Classic Movies (TCM) on Saturday, April 22 and Sunday, April 23
  • "Star Wars" props, "Harry Potter" wands, and the white suit worn by John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever" will be on the block

The enchanted artifacts, colorful pieces of clothing, and various mementos we see within the realm of an on-screen story can seem to possess a sort of real magic.

But on this side of the screen? That sense of enchantment only grows, especially when we encounter an iconic prop or costume that was famously used in a film we adore.

Several seemingly ensorcelled objects, including a bevy of wands seen in the "Harry Potter" film series, will be going to auction in Beverly Hills on April 22 and 23.

Presented by Julien's Auctions and Turner Classic Movies (TCM), the Hollywood: Classic and Contemporary event will celebrate "100 Years of Pop Culture History" by bringing an assortment of fabulous film finds to the fabled block.

"April is the perfect month for celebrating film history, between TCM's Classic Film Festival, the 100th anniversary of our sister studio, Warner Bros., and this auction, with memorabilia spanning 100+ years of pop culture," said Pola Changnon, general manager of TCM.

"We are particularly honored to be exhibiting some of these incredible items, like the 'Saturday Night Fever' suit and the Harry Potter wands, in Club TCM during the TCM Classic Film Festival the week prior to the auction."

Here are but a few of the film-fun treasures that bidders will have in their sights later in April...

C-3PO hand prop worn by Anthony Daniels in "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi" (photo: Julien's Auctions)
Several wands seen in the "Harry Potter" film series, including those used by characters such as Ron Weasley and Dumbledore, will be auctioned. (photo: Julien's Auctions)
A "Batman" cowl prop worn by actor Christian Bale. (photo: Julien's Auctions)
2010 - "The Year We Make Contact"; original USS Discovery One Spacecraft Filming Model (photo: Julien's Auctions)
A "screen-matched" and "photo-matched" suit worn by John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever" (photo: Julien's Auctions)
"Thor: The Dark World" "Mjolnir" hammer prop used by actor Chris Hemsworth (photo: Julien's Auctions)
A BB-8 droid head prop from "The Force Awakens" (photo: Julien's Auctions)
"Star Wars: Rogue One" Death Star plans data card prop (photo: Julien's Auctions)
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