Valentine's at the Zoo

Adopt a beastie for your sweetie or swing by for a heart-filled visit.

There was a day, oh, a few decades back, when animal parks and zoos were very much tied to warmer weather. That's when tots and their parents made for outdoor areas, where they proceeded to buy balloons and wave at lions and eat ice cream.

That scenario remains true, but a few things have changed. One? Zoos now have an adult element, as in an adults-only happenings with an elegant edge Think music nights and wine tastings. And two? Animal parks very much own a year-round profile nowadays, beyond simply remaining open. The holidays are a major time for events, as is, yep, Valentine's Day.

There's not a lot of guessing as to why; birds do it, bees do it, and lots of other beasties, um, ahem, fall in love, as the classic standard says. The LA Zoo will celebrate this fact on Saturday, Feb. 9 with a 21+ event called "Sex in the City Zoo 4: Sexy Beast!"

Docent Joleen Lutz, who is also a seen-on-lots-of-big-things actress, will guide guests around the zoo and talk about the mating lives of animals. Keepers will stop by to chat, too, and small animals will be seen "up-close." Also? There's a four-course dinner add-on, if you wish, at Reggie's Bistro (which is located inside the zoo). Ticket to get in is $40 per person, dinner is $75 per person.

If your Valentine is super into animals and supporting conservation, the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association is holding its own heart-filled fundraiser. It's not an event, per se, but a way to adopt an animal at the zoo. Different level prices will net you different goodies, but all come with a personalized certificate.

Two ways to support the animals, while learning more about how animals go about producing more animals. It's fascinating, it's life on earth, and it is happening in Griffith Park, even as we go about our daily city business.

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