Visit the new LAIR During Brew at the LA Zoo

Sip craft beers and take in the new Living Amphibians Invertebrates Reptiles area.

There are many spots around Southern California where, if you're 21+ and have the cash, you can enjoy a craft brew on the night of Friday, Aug. 9.

Hundreds of places, probably. You'll sit at a table, or on a stool, and stare at a candle, or a menu, and make small talk. Right? That's how it goes, generally. Not to make wild assumptions here, but true? True.

But there's only one location where you can get your craft brew on and look into the eyes of a Fiji Island Iguana or a Desert Hairy Scorpion (let's be honest, though; you'll probably look at his pincers, mostly): the Los Angeles Zoo.

If you're admiring pincers on Aug. 9 you'll definitely be enjoying the Brew at the LA Zoo, the annual craft-beer-a-thon that's all about fine local and elsewhere beerage and the observing of animals and the zoo's grounds after-hours.

One of the highlights of the night is that LAIR will be open. The new area is devoted to Living Amphibians Invertebrates Reptiles, hence the catchy name. What's within? Oh, just a few beautiful varmints like the collared lizard, the black-tailed horned viper, and the giant day gecko.

Yeah, they probably don't have those at any craft beer-serving bars around town.

The beer comes in 4.5-ounce pours, and there's a designated driver ticket, too, for those who just want to come and see koalas and skip the suds.

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Plus? The Los Angeles Zoo by night. It's a rather wondrous place, full of chirping and whirring, and the sun going down over the hills, to that chirping-whirring soundtrack, is reason #214 people always stay a little in love with LA.

Dare you walk into the LAIR after consuming your 4.5-ounce barrel-aged IPA? You can, if you pay the fifty bucks at the door.

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