Weekend: LA Street Food Fest

Wish the food-truck-gather-mega-bash a happy half-decade, at the Rose Bowl.

LA STREET FOOD FEST: Foodies are fortunate to call a region that boasts a wide array of food-truckian delights their home. But this gourmando gathering was at the forefront of the whole "round up street food purveyors and invite people to make a go at the grub." It marks its half decade this year, it is again at the Rose Bowl, it rolls -- well, rolls and parks -- on Saturday, June 28, and the noshable names in the house? Grilled Cheese Truck, Aloha Plate, Bling Bling Dumpling...

TACOLANDIA: While there are sure to be taco and taco-related foodstuffs at the Rose Bowl, make for El Pueblo de Los Angeles on Saturday, June 28 if you want straight-up, tortilla-wrapped, lime-wedge-y loveliness smothered in cojita cheese and cabbage and Sriracha. Over 40 different tacos shall be served, Amoeba Records'll have a prize wheel, and everyone'll be fully and happily, we expect, taco'd-to-the-hilt. (The best way to reach any hilt, we find.)

GRIFFITH PARK FREE SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL OPENS: If you ever come across a "rites of summer list" you're likely to see things like "sunset enjoyment, lake swimming, a free Shakespeare play in the park." The Independent Shakespeare Co. delivers on that last one for SoCal, and thank goodness. Make for Griffith's Old Zoo for "Twelfth Night" and "The Taming of the Shrew" and more nature-based dramatic happenings.

LA UKULELE FESTIVAL: Any time you see the words "ukulele" and "Guinness World Record Attempt" appear together in the same general vicinity, you know the lilting, wind-soft strumming and vintage-sweet sounds are going to be plentiful. And so they shall be, when hundreds of uke musicians make for the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center. "Performances, workshops, films, vendors" fill out Saturday, June 28.

TWENTYWONDER: Back in the day, road shows would arrive in cities bringing the best and quaintest and strangest acts of the musicale and performing assortment. But what if a show like that just featured local favorites -- bands, roller-rinkers, buskers, scientists, makers of fine beers -- and stuck 'em all in one place? It would be this sparkly disco ball of a night. Support LA acts doing outlandish creative things, at The Doll Factory in Echo Park. Saturday, June 28

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