You Can Now Hang a Philippe's French Dip on Your Tree

There's a new Philippe's hot mustard ornament, too.

Philippe the Original

What to Know

  • The French Dip ornament and the hot mustard ornament are $10.95 each
  • The restaurant's gift shop is open for purchases on Dec. 24, as well as takeout
  • Philippe the Original reopened for delivery and takeout on Dec. 23

When Philippe the Original, the hallowed and hankering-filled home of the French Dip, reopened for takeout and delivery on Wednesday, Dec. 23, something a little special, and seasonal, also happened.

For the restaurant revealed it has not one but two ornaments created for Philippe's fans, the sort of tree-pretty baubles that clearly and colorfully show your particular food fancies.

And if you're a French Dip devotee, through and through, and a maven of the historic eatery's iconic hot mustard, you can now place both on your Christmas tree.

Well, no, an actual French Dip won't dangle from the branches of your fir, and a real jar of hot mustard is pretty heavy. But images of both can now adorn a tree, a mantel, or wherever you like to display holiday decorations.

Each is priced at $10.95. The French Dip ornament's page is here, while you can buy your hot mustard ornament by visiting this page now.

Note that if you choose to have them shipped, they'll arrive after Christmas 2020.

But with Philippe the Original reopening for takeout, you can pick up your ornaments when you stop by the Alameda Street landmark to pick up your food on Dec. 24. For the little gift area in the shop is open.

Food delivery has also returned to the restaurant as of Dec. 23.

Perhaps someone you know is due for a New Year's gift? Signifying twelve months of French Dip enjoyment to come?

Whether you French-Dip-up your tree or not, or add a dash of hot mustard cuteness, you can help out a local favorite by placing a takeout or delivery order in the days and weeks ahead.

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