A Huge Houseplant Exhibition Will Soon Sprout

San Diego Botanic Garden will examine a "World of Houseplants" this summer.

San Diego Botanic Garden
  • July 16 through Sept. 5, 2022
  • San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas
  • Included with garden admission

MONSTERA, POTHOS, FERNS, OH MY: Leafy wonders that live, grow, and thrive inside your home? You may have a few pretty pots on the shelf, a basket by the front door, and an elaborate terrarium on the table. Many of us count Fiddle Leaf Figs among our friends, and Snake Plants? Those upright stunners do add an air of spiky spectacularness to many of our spaces. Whatever plants you dote upon, you've surely seen the ancient act of caring for domestic flora on the rise in the last few years, with several bestselling books, instructive videos, and stylish sites dedicated to turning formerly leafless abodes into gloriously green fantasias.

OUR LOVE OF GREENERY... will be at the center of a new exhibition that's soon to break through the proverbial soil of San Diego Botanic Garden. Prepare to explore a "World of Houseplants" during the show's seven-week run, which begins on July 16. The Encinitas destination's Dickinson Family Education Conservatory, a spacious, glass-enclosed plant wonderland, will serve as the exhibition's impressive hub. Once inside the conservatory? Prepare to ponder a plethora of plants, with widely known specimens on display and those growers we don't see as often. "Information on plant care and troubleshooting will allow guests to learn how to better care for their plants, and take this knowledge to their own plants at home," shares the site.

A TRULY VINE TIME: A ticket to the garden is $18, and you'll want to secure yours in advance (a very good idea if you'd like to visit on a Saturday or Sunday). Find out more about this timely treat, an exploration of the stem-sweet, leaf-large, oh-so-frilly favorites that add so much beauty, mystery, and natural splendor to our daily lives.

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