A Spooky Tour on the Last Friday the 13th of 2018

Behold the Winchester Mystery House by, gulp, flashlight.

SAYING THAT SOMETHING, anything, is wrapping up in July seems a bit odd, even a little ridiculous.

After all, the seventh month of the year sits at the middle of the calendar, and near the tip-top of summer, and with five more full months to go, there will be more chances, more to-dos, more opportunities, more moreness.

There is no wrapping up in July, in short, when epic August, and spectacular September, and the fabulous fall months are still to spool out. And yet? The very last of something is about to happen, for the year 2018, and if you just happened to guess it is a...

FRIDAY THE 13TH, then you know your eerie occasions well.

For Friday the 13th isn't just an autumnal thing, despite its October-ish reputation; it already happened in April, and now July 13'll be the final go for the next several months. Which is all leading to this: If you've ever longed to be at the Winchester Mystery House on a Friday the 13th, your final chance in 2018 is just ahead. And, in fact, there won't be another Friday the 13th for 14 more months, as the next one is up in September 2019.

SO WHAT WONDROUS DOINGS... will materialize in the San Jose landmark's enchanted ether on Friday the 13th?

Earlier in the day, promptly at 1 o'clock, or, if you prefer, 13:00, the tower bell on the expansive property tolls 13 times (by the by, 13 was the favorite number of Mrs. Sarah Winchester).

And, later that evening? A special flashlight tour peeks around the nooks, crannies, hallways, and various rooms of the many-room'd mansion. Is July 13 the Friday the 13th you finally spend at the storied house? Follow the tolling of the bell, in this direction, for more spine-tingling 411.

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