Bundle up for a Squaw Creek Holiday

The Tahoe-pretty property is positively festooned with a host of seasonal events.

The Resort at Squaw Creek

THE NORTH POLE, though tempting to visit, is rather hectic come December. There are giant doohickeys cranking out toys, and massive machines that make marshmallows, and all of Santa's helpers, and trusty reindeer, in full crunch-time mode. So the wiser thing to do? Find a spot that is still frosty, and charming, and full of festive panache, but a place that's rather closer, and not nearly as hectic as the North Pole. One cool candidate, that's "cool" in both its character and temperature? The Resort at Squaw Creek, which is making merry throughout the month of December in multiple ways. Indeed, you'll be in Lake Tahoe, which means you'll be able to wear all of the wintry togs you planned on packing for the North Pole, but if you choose to stay indoors at the resort, you'll find...

A HOST OF HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES, from local school performances to live music to a line-up of sumptuous seasonal feasts on Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year's Eve, too. Look also for a New Year's Day Breakfast at Cascades, if you're up and at 'em, and keep in mind that kids get their own bash on the final night of the year, one that includes games, a bounce house, and more. The chance to learn how to mix a holiday-themed craft cocktail, special seasonal tastings, holiday snowshoe tours, and other spirit-raising goings-on fill the Resort at Squaw Creek schedule. More? Ho, ho, go to the site now for all of the Tahoe-terrific activities.

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