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Enjoy Yoga With a Gaggle of Baby Goats at the Madonna Inn

California Goat Yoga, a "public outreach program" of Mullenax Ranch, is visiting the famous San Luis Obispo hotel over select dates.

California Goat Yoga

What to Know

  • San Luis Obispo
  • A number of dates are just ahead; $39.95 per class
  • The classes are part of Mullenax Ranch's public outreach program, and class fees go back to helping the ranch's animals

TAKING A GLANCE AROUND THE MADONNA INN? Hold up right there, if you kindly will: You'll need several glances, maybe several dozen, to take in all of the wondrous sights, super-saturated colors, and quirky details at this celebrated Central Coast stay-over. But while you're glancing around, you'll for sure notice what is clear to just about every visitor who books one of the roadside hotel's famous themed rooms: Animals are a big part of the inn's character. Co-founder Alex Madonna adored horses, as many historic photos reveal, and many of the quaint rooms are filled with paintings that depict wildlife and our pets (and a few boast names that pay homage to the natural world, too). So when...

SEVERAL SWEET GOATS... show up in the Madonna Inn meadow, all to help people unwind, relax, and enjoy a memorable animal-sweet experience, it makes total sense. And goats are doing just that, over several summer dates, during the Goat Yoga in the Meadow sessions, presented by California Goat Yoga. A public outreach program helmed by Mullenax Ranch, Goat Yoga may include cute 'n furry kids standing on you while you cat/cow or visiting you as you perform downward dog or child's pose. A class is $39.95, a certified yoga teacher is at the helm, and all ages are welcome (as are yoga beginners or advanced practitioners). Extra sweet? The money raised from the classes goes back into the ranch's "care and feeding" of its animals.

THE NEXT DATE? It's July 10, 2021, but there are several more to come. To learn more about the "off-grid regenerative farm and ranch" and its dedication to "holistic management and sustainability of natural resources through permaculture application," click. To sign up to do yoga alongside baby goats at the San Luis Obispo landmark, visit this site now.

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