Explore the Farm Trails of Sonoma County

Educational demos, fresh treats, and sweet animals are happy hallmarks of this airy adventure.

Sonoma County Farm Trails

What to Know

  • The Blossoms, Bees & Barnyard Babies Spring Tour is on April 30 and May 1, 2022
  • Free; registration is required to access the online map and details
  • Tastings, demos, cute animals, shopping, and informative talks

POINT A TO B? Getting to where we have to get to doesn't always afford us the time to dawdle, or take unexpected turns, or stop for awhile, all to learn the stories behind a particular, and particularly intriguing, location. But sometimes life gives us an unrushed weekend that is all about tempting turns, and pulling over to meet the people behind an intriguing building, and stopping to spend an hour, all to connect with a fresh spot in a real way. And one of the most relaxed-of-pace, peaceful-of-spirit celebrations arrives in the middle part of the springtime, all to give everyone a look behind some of the busiest and most bountiful agricultural spots in Sonoma County. The Blossoms, Bees & Barnyard Babies Spring Tour is returning to the Sonoma County Farm Trails, after a two-year hiatus, on the final day of April and the first day of May.

ADORABLE ANIMALS, like little lambs or goats or chicks? You might encounter a host of critters, all while getting to know the caring humans who help these sweet beasties thrive. There's a lot to see along the routes, and deciding just where to visit may take a bit of pondering. "Dozens of Farm Trails member farms, ranches, and agricultural producers will be open to the public and offer tours, demonstrations, tastings, workshops, and more," says the Sonoma County Farm Trails team. The cost for this bounty of knowledge, beauty, and memory-making moments? It's free, but you'll want to register ahead of time, so you can access maps and important details about the weekend. Where to go first, though? Flatbed Farm, Goatlandia Farm Animal Sanctuary, or Tara Firma Farms? Creating your own itinerary is part of the adventure.

FARM 411: "Springtime in Sonoma County is gorgeous, and we're thrilled to be able to share the season's agricultural splendor with the public," said Farm Trails Program Manager and Tour Coordinator Ellen Cavalli. "All ages are welcome to learn more about where their food, fiber, and flowers come from, and to forge a stronger connection with their local farmers and producers." To sign up for one or both of the free days, get the information you need, and peruse the participants, start at the Sonoma County Farm Trails site now.

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