Fall Flavor on the Wind: The Gravenstein Apple Fair Turns 50

Sonoma County's autumn-in-August affair, a fundraiser for local farms, will mark a major milestone.

Michelle Feileacan

What to Know

  • The Gravenstein Apple Fair's 50th Anniversary
  • Aug. 12 and 13, 2023 in Sebastopol
  • Kid activities, apple treats, live tunes, cute barnyard animals

APPLE BLOSSOMS, not apple pie, that traditional treat of mid-summer, nor apple cider, the beloved autumn beverage, are what's on our apple-loving minds when spring begins. But sometimes the pleasures of late summer and fall can cameo in the floweriest season, thanks to the fact that April is a half year from October and several "Halfway to Halloween" events pop up on the calendar. For autumn aficionados, this is super: It's like a postcard from their favorite season, well before that time of year makes its anticipated arrival. And here's one postcard that pomme lovers can get stoked over as springtime deepens: The Gravenstein Apple Fair, that apple-y extravaganza that graces Sebastopol each August, just announced its August event.

HAPPY 50TH: And the 2023 to-do is special, for the homespun festival, which includes lives tunes, craft brews, appearances by cute barnyard critters, cider, the popular "Apple Alley," and lots more, is marking a milestone. "We're excited to throw the biggest party in our 50-year history," said Executive Director and Gravenstein Apple Fair Producer, Carmen Snyder. "This year we're honoring the foresight of our founding farmers and their vision to preserve agriculture in Sonoma County. We're also delighted to showcase the next generation of inspiring farmers and ranchers who are meeting the moment and cultivating a more resilient food system through regenerative agricultural practices." The fair, which is helmed by the nonprofit Sonoma County Farm Trails, has an inspirational and important goal: "(K)eeping farms forever in Sonoma County."

EAGER FOR A SPRING SOCO ADVENTURE? The Sonoma County Farm Trails will welcome visitors over the first weekend of May 2023 for honey tastings, barn peeks, and the adorable chance to coo over cute animals. The name of this effervescent experience? Oh our heart: It's Blossoms, Bees, and Barnyard Animals.

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