Glen Ivy's Got a Splashy Gift Card Deal

Is the Temescal Valley soak spot a forever favorite? Help now, with your purchase, and enjoy a tub later.

Glen Ivy

IF YOU'VE BEEN MIND-VACATIONING... in recent days, you're not alone. Finding favorite spots, the sort of quiet spaces that help us briefly step away from the harried and hurried everyday world, has long been a passionate pastime of people. But? Work and obligations and errands and life's many duties keep us running. And now, due to the coronavirus response, we're sticking close to our neighborhoods and homes, meaning a road trip or day away must remain on hold. But there is a way to help a peaceful pool-filled place, one that has served Golden State soakers for decades, and those mavens who do love to spread the mud.

IT'S GLEN IVY HOT SPRINGS... we're talking about, which is no surprise, and while the Temescal Valley tubs-and-more destination is temporarily closed, you can show your support and enjoy a little something extra. The support part? Glen Ivy is selling gift cards, that may be used later on, for $85. The "little something extra" element of the special? Your gift card will be worth $100, even though you, yep, paid $85. You could treat yourself with the card, but how nice to buy it for someone you've been thinking of during this time, a neighbor who works in healthcare or on the frontlines. For more on the special, which is available through May 9, make a splash at the Glen Ivy site now. A bonus? Shipping is free.

SOMETHING TO DAYDREAM... about in the meantime? Those mineral hot springs and pools. There are 19, giving you, or the person you are treating, quite the wonderful, wind-down day.

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