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Happy 10th Anniversary, Dapper Day

The stylish event, seen at Disneyland and other SoCal spots, celebrates its first fashionable decade with an eye on a festive future.

Dapper Day Spring 2017
Laurie Scavo

What to Know

  • People wear their fanciest frocks, suits, and outfits while visiting The Happiest Place on Earth
  • A two-day expo at the Disneyland Hotel also connects vintage fans with clothes, accessories, vendors, and more
  • The event, which is not affiliated with Disneyland, has blossomed at other Southern California spots, including LA Opera

EVER STROLLED BY SLEEPING BEAUTY'S CASTLE... and seen someone spinning in a pinafore, or carrying a parasol, or rocking a seersucker suit? You might think, at first glance, that we're describing what a Fantasyland character might wear, the sort of fairy-tale-ish togs that have oodles of extra oomph. But oomph is extra'd at Disneyland Resort when Dapper Day arrives, as it regularly has over the last several years. The fashionable, twice-a-year festivity, which is not affiliated with the Anaheim theme parks, is all about encouraging people to wear their vintage finery, a favorite ensemble, or something else that has an elegant air, plenty of panache, or feels wonderfully and especially "them."

DAPPER DAY, which was founded by Justin Jorgensen, celebrates its first decade on Feb. 20, 2021. Mr. Jorgensen shared a celebratory post on social media, with an enthusiastic eye on dress-up gatherings still to come. And while sauntering stylishly around the Happiest Place on Earth is on hold for now (the parks remain temporarily closed due to the pandemic), you can seek future inspiration by spending a few minutes perusing the gorgeous looks that have made the chic scene over the last ten years. There's also a 10-year pin and a 10-year tote in honor of the anniversary, so purchase one or both if you're eager to show the world your Dapper Day devotion. (And, you bet, there's plenty more to browse and buy in the online store.)

THE EFFERVESCENT EVENT, of course, isn't a Disneyland-only to-do — it has visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Los Angeles Opera, and it regularly calls upon Walt Disney World, too, among other spots — and the future looks to be fabulous with more events down the road. Follow Dapper Day to learn more, then visit your closet to pull together your favorite pizzazz-filled pieces, the clothes that show the world your own sublime sartorial approach to maximizing the apparel you love the best. Future happenings are not all that faraway, dear Dapper Day people.

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