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Here's How to Watch the Landsat 9 Launch in Lompoc

Planning on legging it to lovely Lompoc to see this space-tastic September event? Get tips now.

Dustin Waller

What to Know

  • The Landsat 9 satellite will be launched from Vandenberg Space Force Base on Sept. 23, 2021 (watch for any potential date updates on this page)
  • Explore Lompoc has a number of possible viewing spots
  • Look for Landsat 9 activities, kid-focused to-dos that can be enjoyed at home in the days leading up to the launch

LOOK UP IN LOMPOC: Been a longtime lover of Lompoc's lovely charms? Then you might have become accustomed to looking down, at the ground, where the town's famous flower fields blossom each spring and early summer. You may know all about gazing straight ahead at the many murals that add to the Santa Barbara County city's visual splendor. And as for looking up? That's become a Lompoc tradition, too, whenever there is a launch at nearby Vanderberg Space Force Base. You'll find excited look-uppers stationed at several points around the city, all while they follow the latest NASA news on their phones (which, yes, serve as great countdown devices, too). Has a Lompoc visit been on your bucket list? Then look to later in September 2021, when...

THE LANDSAT 9 SATELLITE... will have its much-anticipated launch. The updated date is Sept. 23, 2021, but your best bet is to keep a close eye on the NASA news to see if that will need to be shifted for any reason. As for getting up on the background of these incredibly important satellites? Explore Lompoc shares this: "The Landsat Program has been dubbed 'a cornerstone of our Earth-observing capability' by NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, as it will provide unprecedented access to information important to our understanding of our planet's forests, farms, cities and freshwater regions."

WHERE TO WATCH? The Lompoc pros have your "Complete Guide" to viewing spots here, so peruse all and decide what suits you and any space-loving friends or family members who will be at your side. The official viewing site is at the Lompoc Airport, while other locations around town may also provide people a good look at the clear sky above. But what if you'd like a few fun activities to enjoy before the launch, if you have kids who dig rockets, satellites, and all things space-related? Find crafts, downloadable cards, and more on this site now.

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