Santa Cruz

Hummingbirds Zoom at Flowery Fest

UC Santa Cruz & Arboretum puts the fast-of-wing focus on the fluttery favorites.


ASKING A HUMMINGBIRD... to stop for a minute, a few seconds, or the blink of the eye, so you can quickly soak in some of its splendor? Not happening, nope and no way. For the wee bird is always on the move, or seems to be, and it has to find the next flower, the next shrub, the next stretch of sky as it says goodbye (though, truthfully, a hummingbird never even stops long enough to bid an admirer farewell). And finding one? It is a serendipitous thing, the kind of moment that involves you catching something colorful and airborne out of the side of your eye. But you can possibly find a few more hummingbirds by visiting an area that is known to be rich in the bitty birds. That area is in Santa Cruz, at...

UC SANTA CRUZ & ARBORETUM, and a host of hummingbird buffs will flock there on Saturday, March 21 for a day of photo-taking, bird-seeking, and spring-loving adventures. And while that may seem like the first day of spring, that actually happens on March 19 in 2020, meaning you'll be well into the season as you keep your peepers peeled for both Anna's and Allen's hummingbirds, which are both known to buzz about the pretty arboretum. And if you need to burnish your photo abilities? There shall be a table devoted to shutterbugs in the Australian Garden.

THE EVENT... is called Hummingbird Day, and while hummingbirds aren't known to stay still for a human celebration, you may see one, two, six, or more of the little lovelies while strolling the picturesque grounds. Getting in? Arboretum admission is required.

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