Latin American Festival at Bazaar del Mundo

Lauded artists will visit the San Diego shops over the first weekend in August.

DONE OLD TOWN SAN DIEGO RECENTLY? Or even over the last few years, or last few decades? Then you very likely visited Bazaar del Mundo, a hue-bright, art-filled collection of shops where Taylor and Juan Streets meet. Artes de Mexico, Guatemala Shop, the Gallery Shop, and Ariana Shop are just a few of the strollable, shopable destinations of Bazaar del Mundo, a place that's known for its Cinco de Mayo celebrations as well as Mercado del Sol, a summertime market that happened early in July. Next up on the schedule? It's the free Latin American Festival and Marta Ortiz Pottery Market, a three-day special event happening over the first weekend of August 2017. That means from...

FRIDAY, AUG. 4 THROUGH SUNDAY, AUG. 6, a number of visiting artists, including Jorge Quintana (an acclaimed master of Maria Ortiz pottery), Jacobo Angeles of Oaxaca (accoladed for his carved and painted wooden figures), Yolanda Ormachea Velasco, a lauded jewelry artist who "...combines silver with semiprecious stones and other natural elements found in Peru," and Huichol artist Mariano Valadez, who crafts beautiful yarn paintings as well as glass bead art, will call upon the area. Other virtuousos of vibrant tinwork, embroidery, wall sculptures, and animal carvings will also greet fans at the shops, while TINKU will provide the live tunes that pay homage to the cultures of Latin America. The hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m on Friday and Saturday, with a 10 a.m. to 5 o'clock schedule on Sunday, Aug. 6.

RARE CHANCE: You've called upon these Old Town shops, in the past, and admired the art and craftsmanship and inspiration; now meet some of the talented artists who connect the public with the centuries-old creative traditions of Oaxaca, Peru, Chihuahua, and several other points beyond.

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