Lompoc's Flower Fields Boast Summer Sunshine

The town is famous for its spreads of spectacular bloomage, but check to see what's happening, petal-wise, before you go.

Jenny Dettrick

COMBINING ROAD TRIP OPPORTUNITIES... with nature-nice sights, or building drive-around opportunities that provide fresh air and fresh views, might be on your summer 2020 adventure plans, if you're seeking a short getaway. Of course, you'll want to check the COVID-19 travel advisories before putting any plans together, but once you know you're good to go, and you want to make the journey, choosing where to go is the question. And if you're a fan of classic flower fields, then you know that Lompoc in the summertime is a petal-filled nexus for all sorts of lovely blossoms. These blossoms can pop well into August, but keeping track of when and where is essential, to make sure you time your trip just right.

OF COURSE, LOMPOC IS A GREAT VISIT... at any time, thanks to its many charms (think murals, shops, and more). But stem seekers do want to find a flower field or two in "The Valley of Flowers" when summer is high. What's growing? It depends. Sweet peas may be your personal jam or perhaps you're a marigold maven, through and through, but whatever you prefer, count on colorful blossoms aplenty if you time it right. Here's a helpful brochure produced a few years back, one that gives an overview of the flower-growing area. Keep in mind that coronavirus closures may impact some businesses, and that these commercial flower fields are "privately owned," so drive-bys are the way to go.

SO ADMIRING FROM YOUR CAR? That's a-ok. Again, do check before you go to see what is blooming, and be aware of any pandemic-related travel advisories for our state.

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