Partake in Plummy Fun in Huntington Beach

Old World celebrates the succulent stone fruit.

PLUMS ARE SO FLAT-OUT REFRESHING, whether they've been stored in a crisper or out on the kitchen counter, thanks to their juiciness, light flavor, and ability to sate hunger without weighing us down. In fact, it can seem as though summertime owns the patent on plums, though they're a treat that can easily pop up throughout the calendar (look for the sugared and syruped versions to cameo around Christmas). Still, if you're going to throw a full-on plum party, you might as well do it near the height of summer, when we're all looking for refreshment, light fruits, big flavor, and goodies that carry that slightly mouth-puckery panache of the celebrated stone fruit. 

OLD WORLD... in Huntington Beach steps up to the plum plate each August with a day devoted to the purple-red orb. That day in 2018? It's Sunday, Aug. 19, and plum-seeking people should arrive at the charming, German-style destination with the desire to dig into plum-flecked foodstuffs. Plum cake? Plum crepes? We wouldn't type both of those confections if they weren't on the festivity's menu. Berliners, too, will make a delectable appearance, if you're a longtime fan of the jammy pastry. For those who need heartier fare, barbecue will be up for ordering. For those who need adorable entertainment, wiener dogs shall race, too.

ADMISSION IS FREE... to the afternoon affair, which rolls on, like a plum on a slight slope, from 2 to 6 in the evening. And, as always, Old World's Plum Fest serves as a harbinger to the Old World Oktoberfest weekends, which generally follow about a fortnight later. The first day of the 2018 run Chicken Dances on Sunday, Sept. 9.

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